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THE WILDE WEDDING (2017): New Trailer From Glenn Close, Patrick Stewart, John Malkovich, Minnie Driver…

THE WILDE WEDDING (2017), Patrick Stewart, Glenn Close
THE WILDE WEDDING (2017), Patrick Stewart, Glenn Close

From writer / director Damian Harris, The Wilde Wedding is a new comedy about a retired actress who remarries for the fourth time, to a renowned english writer. Glenn Close, Patrick Stewart, John Malkovich and Minnie Driver star…

First of all, to anyone who didn’t recognise Sir Patrick Stewart with hair, what kind of movie fan are you? Jokes aside, I’ll be watching because the cast is great. There’s also the fact that this trailer looks good and reminds me so much of one of my favourites, It’s Complicated (2009).

Yael Stone, Peter Facinelli, Grace Van Patten and Noah Emmerich also make an appearance.

The Wilde Wedding Release Dates…

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