AMERICAN HUSTLE (2013): Exactly As I Thought

American Hustle (2013), Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale
American Hustle (2013), Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale

Director David O. Russell’s film is good and Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner are all great in their roles.

However, I did find myself not as hooked as the story unfolded – at least not early on in the film anyway.

American Hustle (2013), Amy Adams
American Hustle (2013), Amy Adams

It’s not that plenty was’t happening – and at a good pace. It’s likely that I just didn’t identify with or get especially attached to any of the characters. Things did get better, particularly at the moment ‘Edith’s veil’ comes down.

Watch it if you’re curious about the story of a con man trying to keep the upper hand and stay alive when forced to work with the FBI in 70s New Jersey.

Happy American Hustle 🙂


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