CHILD 44 (2015): Tom Hardy Shines, As Expected

Child 44 (2015), Tom Hardy
Child 44 (2015), Tom Hardy

Child 44 is a Stalin-era Soviet Union crime thriller directed by Daniel Espinosa.

Based on Tom Rob Smith’s best-selling book of the same name; Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, Vincent Cassel and Joel Kinnaman are the stars.

My main motivation for watching the movie isn’t reading the book because  I haven’t, but the intriguing story. Particularly Hardy’s role as a determined investigator of a series of gruesome child murders. Murders that are taking place during a time when the powers that be refuse to admit that murder is even a real thing.

I wanted Child 44 to be as thrilling as the trailer hinted. However, I did find myself wishing for a quicker pace, a shorter film, less distracting accents and an overall better/more thrilling execution.

All the lacking elements aside, Hardy’s performance is good and one of my favourite things about the movie. The other is the ending and the tension filled scene on the moving train.

Child 44 (2015), Noomi Rapace, Tom Hardy
Child 44 (2015), Noomi Rapace, Tom Hardy

You may be compelled to watch Child 44 because you’ve read the book and or you’re a Tom Hardy fan. One who wants to see how he was able to deliver a notable physical and emotional performance, in spite of the questionable Russian accents. To that I say, follow your curiosity. I did and I have no regrets, I just simply wish that the general result had been better.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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