BARRY (2016): New Trailer For Barack Obama Biopic Starring Devon Terrell, Anya Taylor Joy…

Barry (2016), Devon Terrell
Barry (2016), Devon Terrell

Starring Devon Terrell, Anya Taylor Joy and directed by Vikram Gandhi, Barry is the latest Barack Obama biopic from Netflix. This time the focus is on his time in New York City as a young college student, the period that helped shape the future president of the United States…

Also starring jason Mitchell, Ashley Judd and Ellar Coltrane, I confess that it took me a few moments to realise why a film about Barack Obama, the current president of the United States is called Barry. Clearly it must be what his friends call(ed) him. I blame my slow brain on my association of the president with cool whereas I definitlry don’t have the same association with the name Barry. (no offence to all the lovely Barry’s of the world, of course).

I still haven’t watched Southside With Youthe other Barack Obama biopic released earlier this year. But I am looking forward to comparing it with the new ‘college years edition’.

Barry Release Dates: December 16th, 2016 (US)…

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