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GHOSTBUSTERS – AFTERLIFE (2020): New Trailer Starring Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard…

Ghostbusters - Afterlife (2020), Paul Rudd, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Ghostbusters – Afterlife (2020), Paul Rudd, Sony Pictures Entertainment

In Ghostbusters – Afterlife, the sequel that doesn’t seem to acknowledge the unfortunate 2016 Ghostbusters movie, the focus is on a single mom, her two kids and the discovery of their connection to the original Ghostbusters.

Paul Rudd, Mackena Grace, Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon star while Jason Reitman directs…

I’m interested because of Rudd, and simply to see the ways in which this sequel is different to the 2016 film.

Based on the above trailer, I see more dramatics and less humour. Something tells me that this one may have a better script. All I really need to know now is what the ghosts look like. Especially since I wasn’t a fan of the ghost animation in the 2016 film.

Bill Murray, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver, Marlon Kazadi, Sydney Mae Diaz, Logan Kim, Dan Aykroyd, Bokeem Woodbine, Ernie Hudson, Oliver Cooper and Celeste O’Connor also star.

Ghostbusters – Afterlife Release Dates: November 11th, 2021 (US)…

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GHOSTBUSTERS (2016): New Trailer Starring Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones & Kristen Wiig

Ghostbusters (2016), Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon
Ghostbusters (2016), Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon

A proper trailer has finally arrived for the Ghostbuster reboot. Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are the stars…

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

I enjoyed the hat, wig and glasses combo. I Also liked the delivery of the slaps and MacKinon’s yellow lensed glasses. Beyond that, I’m going to wait and see.

Is it just me or do the special effects seem rather dated?

Ghostbusters Release Dates: July 15th, 2016 (US & UK)…

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GHOSTBUSTERS (2016): New Trailer Starring Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Wiig

Ghostbusters (2016)
Ghostbusters (2016)

I want to say that ‘here you have it, the first Ghostbusters trailer has finally landed!’ But as you’ll soon see…

It’s not all bad. The music works with the visuals. In fact, it’s really exciting at first because you think it’s leading to a moment of revelation. Only there is sadly, no revelation.

Pointless is a word that comes to mind for this teaser to a teaser trailer. I’m still excited about this reboot because it stars three great ladies of comedy; Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon. The director, Paul Feig is the man behind Bridesmaids (2011) and most recently the very entertaining Spy (2015) so on hope lives!

One of the best executions of a teaser teaser trailer I’ve ever seen is for Deadpool (2016).

In just over two weeks (March 3rd 2016), we’ll have the next Ghostbusters trailer. All I have to say is, may it be good enough to make up for the above, dare I say, nonsense. Chris Hemsworth, Michael Kenneth Williams and Andy Garcia also star.

Ghostbusters Release Dates: July 15th, 2016 (US & UK)…

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