THE BOSS BABY (2017): The Things I liked…

The Boss Baby (2017), Alec Baldwin
The Boss Baby (2017), Alec Baldwin

When I first realised that The Boss Baby was about a smart/adult-like briefcase carrying baby, I feared that as I watched the movie, I’d miss the only other smart/adult-like  baby I’d ever known and loved. I’m of course talking about the lovable Stewie Griffin of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy. Luckily, as I watched the Tom McGrath directed animated movie, not for a single second did the delightful Stewie G. pop into my mind. There was simply too much engaging fun, imagination and general cuteness going on in The Boss Baby.

Undoubtably, the person behind the story of The Boss Baby (Marla Frazee) is an individual with a great imagination – not unlike the film’s main character, Timmy (Miles Bakshi), and many other children you may or may not know. Naturally, kids are going to have a good time with The Boss Baby. But thank goodness, you absolutely don’t have to be a kid to like it.

There were some things that happened in The Boss Baby that really reminded me that I was watching an animation, meaning the rules of what may or may not happen in an everyday situation simply have to be discarded completely. Usually I’m fine with suspending my disbelief, but with this movie, for some reason, I was sometimes less able to do so.

My personal favourite animated films are still Finding Nemo (2003) and Ratatouille (2007)This movie, though not as well executed in every way as the aforementioned, it’s still a fun adventure.

Another personal highlight for me was knowing that the dad character was being voiced by my favourite American talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel; a seemingly nice man whose voice I happen to find rather comforting.

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